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How do people who dare to give full meaning to their working life do it?

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Coaching Services

Thanks to experience supporting women like you, I know what you are dealing with...

Regain your motivation and excel in your job with professional coaching! If you are feeling demotivated or going through a rough patch in your career, professional coaching can be the key to overcoming these challenges.

I am Silvia Beltrán, professional coaching expert and I will help you rediscover your passion, set clear goals and develop effective strategies to achieve success. Don’t let demotivation stop you. Together we can revitalize your career and achieve extraordinary results!

Today is the time to take the first step towards a full and satisfying professional life.

You have been thinking about it for a long time but you don’t know where to start.

You need to find a safe and trustworthy space where you can open up. Organising your thoughts. Understanding what is happening.

You are in the right place.

These are the main pillars of my support


I have already supported more than 200 women. An exhaustive and constant training at your disposal.


I offer you more than 20 years of experience in executive positions at multinational retail companies


For creating your business plan or project. In Sibega we know how difficult is to be a 21st century leader. Our mission is to join you to take your company to the next level, reaching the full potential towards a conscious leadership with an impact, through both individual and collective coaching sessions.

In addition, we offer strategy workshops to accelerate business growth. We want to help your company to become successful by assuring a leadership that achieves results taking into account both a healthy brand reputation and an expower and competent team.


I love sharing the knowledge I have acquired in my different responsibility positions in Norway, Spain and France. Nowadays I am a professor of strategy in the Executive MBA of the EAE Business School based in Spain

I support teams and collaborate with business schools in the fields of sustainability, innovation and digital transformation, talent retention and designing of business plans for start-ups and social entrepreneurs.

Business Coaching Services

Motivating staff is motivating your company

Develop your team's potential and maximize results with business coaching. I will guide the team to drive leadership, improve communication and foster a motivating work environment. Increase your company's productivity and success.

Personal coaching services

What drives me to walk with you

Discover your true potential and achieve a fulfilling and satisfying work life through personal coaching. Overcome obstacles, set clear goals and develop skills to achieve success in your professional career.

I want to tell you more about who I am

I am Silvia, someone who thinks we can be better

I have been working for more than 20 years as an executive in multinational companies in different positions and countries.

I managed teams of up to 2,000 people, coaching them to grow both as human beings and as professionals, in a trusty and safe environment that allowed them to give the best version of themselves.

In 2021 I got my ICF Certification as an International Coach and since then I have coached more than 200 people.

Online coaching services

What you will get from my support

Get the support and guidance you need from the comfort of your home or business with my online coaching service. Connect with me through virtual sessions and discover your full potential. Overcome challenges, set clear goals and achieve significant results regardless of your geographic location.

What my clients say

people who have been brave of my hand

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