Hi! I am Silvia Beltrán

I am here to help women in their career transition, looking for a better version of themselves.

You are living a key moment in life

Your expectations at work are changing. What drove you before , is not relevant anymore. You are looking for a meaningful life,

In Sibega we help you identify your path.

Once your goal is defined, we will analyse what is stopping you and what gives you energy.

With all that in mind, we will support you to build your realistic action plan that makes your dreams come true.

“Getting rid of what we don’t want anymore is not difficult, it’s new. It means leaving the comfort zone to explore a new world full of new challenges and opportunities.”

Doubting is normal. We will create trusty spaces for those moments, always available for you while creating your next step.

We will use the non-directive coaching methodology, according to the ICF (International Coaching Federation) standards

In a completely trusty environment, adapted to your needs and fully flexible.

My Main Values

I am guided by empathy, the passion for everything I do and humbleness...

I feel constantly on the way, learning and moving forward acknowledging in every step of my life, as a woman, as a mother, as a wife, as a professional.

My PERSONAL | History

I am Spanish, passionate, curious and resilient. I am married and have two children.

I studied Law at Universidad de Valladolid. Then I studied the Executive MBA at Instituto de Empresa in Madrid and I am a PCC level Coach accredited by the ICF

My professional experience

Professionally, I have more of 20 years of experience in executive and leadership positions in multinational retail companies, as well as an international career in countries such as Norway, Spain or France. I can speak English, French and Spanish.

The pandemic made me reflect about the purpose of my life, until then, it had been full of financial goals and endless working days.

And I found the answer in coaching.

Media interviews

I invite you to listen to this interview, which I did last summer for Onda Cero.

It is about Female Leadership, it is a personal interview conducted by the journalist Ariadna Bellver.

She asked me about my career and the keys for success, learning...

Management Conferences: IKEA fights to keep its position

Master class to executive students at EAE Business school about the digital transformation of the biggest home furnishing retailer worldwide.

Interview for PIPERLAB RADIO

This week we have been accompanied in Data is in the Air by Silvia Beltrán, Managing Director of Ikea France, one the biggest furniture and decoration retail companies.

Together with Silvia, we had our regular participants, Esther Morales, partner of PiperLab, and Enrique Polo, VP of Salesforce Iberia.


Currently, I support professional women during their transition when looking for the best version of themselves, in collaboration with the IE Business School and other institutions.

In addition, I am an internal Coach in the company I work, and I am volunteer in organisations such as forcefemmes.com or DEMA1N.org

Furthermore, I act as a consultant for companies and investment funds about innovation, digital transformation and leadership in the retail sector at international level. I also collaborate with mass media and business school with presentations and masterclasses.

It will be a pleasure to collaborate with you

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