Guide to being a woman with positive leadership

Mujer con liderazgo positivo

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A woman with a positive, glass-half-full mentality.

Many professionals have contributed to this guide to being a woman with positive leadership. They all speak of attitude, of how you see the glass: half full or half empty.

For every negative stimulus, three positive ones are needed to regain motivation.

What is your trend? If you are motivated by entrepreneurship and innovation, stay, because I have good news: positive attitude is the key to success and can be learned and developed at any time.


Obstacles towards optimism

In Latin, optimism is the term for ” the best of possibilities”; thus, the word has come down to us as the ability to see and judge things in their most favourable light. For centuries, though, misfortunes dominated the landscape of life. Monotheistic religions define the relationship with happiness (and eternal life) as the dual and opposite relationship between good and evil, positive and negative. Great thinkers such as Voltaire or Freud dismissed positivism as a naive or unreal perception of reality.


Being positive is an attitude that you can acquire

In modern psychology, depression is a constant sadness and unwillingness to act.

At the beginning of the 21st century, psychologists Seligman and Peterson conducted a study with hundreds of people and analyzed the behavior patterns of women with optimistic tendencies in contrast to pessimists. His study gave way to the Positive Psychology that inspires all positive leadership manuals today and that I confirm in my experience accompanying dozens of women as an executive coach.


Women’s attitude positive leadership

Imagine difficult situations experienced recently: loss of a client, delay in a service, difficulty in carrying out a project… The woman with positive leadership applies these guidelines:

1) The cause is external, not internal. You are not the cause of this situation, don’t belittle yourself. This is not about avoiding responsibility; it is about putting responsibility in its rightful place. Don’t waste your time on what is not in your sphere of influence. Think something like, “if you can fix it, why worry about it? If you can’t fix it, why worry about it?”

women with positive leadership-thumbs up. Trust in you


2) This situation is temporary and reversible. Dwelling to relive the moment repeatedly will keep things the same. If your leadership is positive, your energy is spent on turning the situation around or learning from the situation.

The important thing is the present and to be oriented towards the future.


3) Focus on the specific situation – don’t generalize! Just because it happened to you once doesn’t mean it will always be that way. If you want to stay positive, remember you write your own future, and thanks to this situation, you will be better prepared for the next one.

Woman works focused on the task


To lead with optimism, remember to be generous with yourself, avoid overgeneralizing, and act knowing that the situation is cyclical.


Tips for being a positive leader:

Here are the actions most highly suggested by the female leaders I have collaborated with:

  • Perseverance: an adverse situation will not budge; you will. Contemplating it ad nauseam is not going to help you. One of the characteristics of positive women is their ability to act in the face of difficulty.
  • Seek excellence, not perfection. It is the greatest challenge. Think that if it is a difficult situation, there will be grey areas, never explored or conflicting. But waiting until everything is well tied up encourages inaction. Celebrating the first step, the progress along the way, and you will transmit energy to face the second and the third. Excellence is motivating, and perfection is frustrating.
  • Love yourself, trust yourself. A leader who shares with her teams that she doesn’t have answers to all the questions, but counts on her team to move towards the common goal is a leader who loves herself and appreciates her team.

I hope I have helped you move towards positive leadership. I invite you to think about the last difficult situation you faced and review how you did according to what you have learned here. Click on the link and let’s talk Coaching Sessions

Share your thoughts and doubts. I will be happy to answer you

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