Dedicated to those women who have decided to be the owners of their new professional stage

How do women succeed in their professional transition?

You have successfully overcome many challenges

You have manage everything both at home and at work.

You have made your best at work, feeling guilty of missing special moments with your children and family.

But now it is different.

Now you are wondering if it is worth it, how fun is what you do, how meangfull are your efforts.

Maybe you feel disappointed?

Doing your best at work?

You are aware you are not in the position you deserve. And you know what you do not accept anymore.

You want a change, you need a change, you deserve a change. That ‘s why you are reading this page.

And there is one more problem.

You are afraid of being wrong, making an impulse decision, regretting and losing everything you have achieved up until now.

You wonder:

How can I make sure everything will be fine?

You have been searching in the market. You are on LinkedIn and other job searchers, you have already been in touch with head-hunters, but you cannot find what you are looking for. And you start doubting.

Is it possible to change my position or industry?
Can I become an entrepeneur....”at my age”?
Do I need to do another Master’s degree to be updated?

I know what you are dealing with.

You feel like a hamster, spinning around a wheel, doubting about its capabilities.

I understand you. And, to be honest, I have also felt this way.

Since 2020 I have supported dozens of women in management positions to find their own answers, paths and motivations.

Did you know that, if you are decided to, coaching can allow you to achieve what you are looking for?

As a method, according to ICF standard you could:

Is there really someone who can help me making such a decision without knowing me?

If you ask yourself that question, congratulations, because you have realised there are no magic recipes, but a professional and personalised support that will help you to understand the situation and design your own way.

Because this is just the answer to your question: we are all different and we need different things.

You are unique. Do you know why? Because your story is different, your professional career is different, your environment, your family and your economic situation.

And it seems like that everyone tells you what is good for you: your partner, your family…. even your colleagues or managers, but they don’t take into account what you really need at that specific moment.

That’s why I am going to help you moving forward to make decisions without letting yourself be carried away by external opinions, by “what is trendy” or what you should do according to your age, profile or other characteristics whicht don’t take into account the person you really are.

You are just a step away of making a good decision.

Which kind of help will you get?

We will have a talk for free to analyse your needs and expectations and to give you details about the personalised plan that could help you. When that hour finishes, you will:

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I want to tell you more about who I am

I am Silvia Beltrán and I have been working for more than 20 years as an executive in multinational companies, in different countries and positions, from financial up to operations, marketing, commercial functions.

I managed teams of up to 2,000 people, supporting their development personal and professional in a trusty and safe environment that allowed them to give the best version of themselves.

I have a Degree in Law and an Executive MBA. I am a professor in a business school and similar ones.

In 2021 I obtained my ICF Certification (International Coaching Federation) as an International Coach. Since then, I have supported more than 200 people, mostly women in their professional transition or dilemmas finding the best version of themselves, in countries like France, Canada, Spain or Netherlands.


The term coaching comes from coach, where the driver led his travellers from the original location to their destination. Coaching is a personal development technique developed in the United States in the 80s. It is inspired by the great concepts of humanistic sciences.

It means a support towards the self-knowledge and the autonomy made by open questions and reflections. The expected results are defined, new points of view will be opened and the person is aware of the available resources. For coaching to be effective, the “coachee” finds motivation in a useful way so they can take action and make qualitative decisions among the different available options.

Coaching is efficient in everything you want to improve from today onwards. For example, I want to know how to say no, delegate better, stop procrastinating or learn how to relax. In the free kick off session, we can talk about it to decide whether coaching is the best tool to support you.

We will define it together during our kick off session. Most of my clients needed around 6 sessions and a final one. We will meet virtually once every other week, to give the space to implement your plan.

You will define in each session the indicators to measure and follow up your goals. We will check them at the end of each session to know how much you have progressed.

Sessions are online and each one lasts 60 minutes. Try to avoid distractions and interruptions. It will be very helpful if you mute the mobile and your computer alerts. I suggest you take for yourself 10 minutes before and after each session to live your experience and reflect about it.

You can reschedule your session up to 24 hours before it starts. Clic here to go back to the calendar. If you change your session less than 24 hours before it starts, 50% will be charged.

What my clients say

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