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Hello, I´m Silvia Beltrán

I am Silvia Beltrán, CEO and managing director at Grupo Pyrénées in Andorra. Previously I was Regional Managing Director at IKEA France.

Silvia Beltran Ganga

I am Silvia Beltrán, a seasoned leader with a passion for empowering individuals and driving organizational success. As the CEO and managing director at Grupo Pyrénées in Andorra, I bring extensive experience gleaned from my tenure as Regional Managing Director at IKEA France and over two decades of executive roles spanning various countries and functions within multinational corporations.
Throughout my career, I have led diverse teams, fostering environments of trust and security where individuals thrive both personally and professionally. I have had the privilege of managing teams of up to 2,000 people, guiding their growth and development to unleash their full potential.
My academic background includes a degree in Law and an MBA, complemented by my role as a professor in business schools where I impart knowledge and mentor future leaders. In 2021, I achieved certification from the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as an International Coach, furthering my commitment to supporting individuals through periods of transition and decision-making.
I have had the honor of working with over 200 individuals, predominantly women, across countries such as France, Canada, Spain, and Holland, assisting them in navigating career transitions and overcoming challenges.

What is business coaching in Stoke on Trent?

Are you ready to boost your company strategy in the lively metropolis of Stoke on Trent? Greetings to the realm of business guidance with Silvia Beltrán, where triumph meets tactics, and goals turn into realization!


Having extensive experience as entrepreneurial mentor, Silvia Beltrán doesn’t just stand to help you establish goals; she’s here to direct you towards outperforming them with skill as well as accuracy. Visualize possessing a dependable advisor like Silvia by your side, navigating you through the intricacies of the business landscape in Stoke on Trent, and helping you accomplish extraordinary success.


From the busy downtown zones to the thriving suburban neighborhoods, Stoke on Trent presents a multifaceted as well as energetic entrepreneurial setting. Silvia’s coaching services are designed to provide you with tools and perspectives necessary to thrive in any type of setting, whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or merely starting out.


Using tailored strategies along with expert advice from Silvia, you’ll chart a route towards achievement that’s as individual as the spirit of Stoke on Trent itself. Collectively, you’ll convert difficulties into opportunities and ambitions into achievements.


But commercial guidance with Silvia Beltrán in Stoke on Trent extends beyond just business growth—it’s a voyage of self-discovery, progress, and empowerment. It’s about welcoming the entrepreneurial vitality that defines this amazing city and leveraging it to attain new peaks of triumph.


So, in case you’re ready to start on a life-changing voyage towards commercial achievement in Stoke on Trent, look no more. Let Silvia Beltrán be your companion as you travel the terrain of potential that lie ahead. Together, you’ll turn your company dreams into a reality that gleams radiantly in the heart of Stoke on Trent.


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How does the business coaching process work in Stoke on Trent city?

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1. Initial Evaluation

Dive deeply into your enterprise goals, obstacles, and strong points in our initial evaluation session. Let’s establish the foundation for your coaching adventure.


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2. Action Plan Development

Craft a strategic roadmap customized to your unique goals. Together, we’ll formulate an actionable plan to push your enterprise forward.


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3. Personalized Accompaniment

Benefit from individualized guidance as we handle challenges and grasp opportunities. Your success is our priority; tailored support is essential.


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4. Monitoring and Adjustments

Stay on track with frequent check-ins and refinements of strategies. We’ll adapt to changes and make sure your company stays aligned with your vision.


Advantages of business coaching in Stoke on Trent

Business Coach in ciudad city

Business Coaching, an increasingly valued practice in the corporate realm, provides a range of substantial benefits for those endeavoring to achieve their business goals in the city of Stoke on Trent. These benefits go beyond simple upgrades; they expand to enhancing capabilities in both personal and professional spheres that are key for long-term success.

  • Enhancement of Leadership CompetenciesAmong the key advantages of Corporate Coaching lies in its capacity to foster effective skills in leadership. Entrepreneurial figures in Stoke on Trent encounter unique challenges, from leading multifaceted workforces to responding to an constantly evolving business environment. Corporate coaching programs offers customized support to reinforce leadership skills, enabling leaders to make better informed judgments, encourage their workforces, and manage corporate hurdles with certainty.
  • Performance OptimizationWith Business Coaching, startup founders and their teams can achieve elevated stages of efficiency and productivity. By defining crystal clear and measurable objectives, coaches collaborate with individuals to recognize areas for improvement and create successful strategies to accomplish specific objectives. This tailored attention not only propels business growth but also cultivates a sense of accomplishment and personal contentment in the process.
  • Better Decision MakingIn the competitive corporate landscape of Stoke on Trent, informed decision making is essential. Business Coaching supplies entrepreneurs with instrumentation and alternative outlooks to address intricate challenges with clearness and confidence. By working with a coach, managers can examine alternative approaches, judge possible consequences, and make strategical decisions that drive lasting accomplishment for their enterprises.
  • Heightened Motivation and EngagementCoaching for Businesses isn’t only about boosting technical skills; it also emphasizes on the psychological and motivational aspect of business management. Coaches aid individuals recognize and overcome inner obstacles, such as fear of failure or self-doubt, that could hinder progress. By providing support and customized guidance, corporate coaching cultivates inner drive and sustained dedication to business goals.
  • Development of Communication AbilitiesSuccessful communication is crucial to accomplishment in any corporate setting. Corporate Coaching offers strategies and practices to improve interpersonal communication skills, encouraging efficient cooperation, conflict resolution, and constructing robust relationships both within and beyond the organization. These skills are especially vital in a multifaceted and ever-changing city like Stoke on Trent, where the capacity to connect with various audiences is essential to business growth.

These are just some of the benefits that Business Coaching can offer to business owners and business leaders in the urban center of Stoke on Trent. By putting resources in personalized and professional development through corporate coaching, leaders can situate themselves to achieve novel levels of achievement and affluence in their ventures.

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Who is business coaching in Stoke on Trent City for?

In the dynamic and cutthroat commercial realm of Stoke on Trent, coaching for businesses serves as a precious resource for professionals seeking to reveal their entire potential and achieve achievement. Customized to deal with the distinctive requirements and obstacles of people across different industries, coaching for businesses in Stoke on Trent provides a strategic method to personalized and work-related growth. Let’s delve deeper into the primary profiles of professionals who gain from business coaching:

  • Startup founders and Micro-enterprise Owners: Entrepreneurs and small business owners in Stoke on Trent deal with different challenges, spanning market fluctuations to daily operations. Coaching for businesses supplies vital support in developing strategies, improving leadership, and cultivating a development mindset for continued success. Coaches partner closely with entrepreneurs to improve vision, define achievable goals, and conquer obstacles. Whether starting up or growing, entrepreneurs derive advantage from customized guidance and strategical insights.
  • Rising Professionals: Driven professionals searching for professional advancement turn to corporate coaching for direction. Whether aiming for career progression, shifting to leadership roles, or enhancing skills, coaching provides personalized strategies to fast-track their trajectory. Coaches help identify strengths, areas of expertise for improvement, and growth opportunities. Through focused sessions, professionals boost communication, decision-making, and personal branding. With a coach’s support, they handle transitions with certainty, coming as influential leaders.
  • Corporate Leaders: Supervisors, executives, and business leaders search for corporate coaching to boost leadership and tackle organizational challenges. Coaches provide customized sessions and development programs to arm executives with certainty and tools for success. They help in nurturing positive culture, team spirit, and innovation, emphasizing on leadership, communication, and planning. Coaching for businesses empowers leaders to navigate complexity, surmount obstacles, and drive sustainable growth.
  • Contract Workers and Freelancers: Contract workers and freelancers in Stoke on Trent’s temporary economy look for business coaching for business success. Coaches deliver customized guidance on specialized expertise, personal branding, and independent contracting complexities. They assist recognize opportunities, improve marketing, and create a client base. Additionally, coaching equips freelancers with economic management, work-life balance, and motivation skills. With coaching support, they gain certainty to thrive in a ruthless market.
Business Coach in ciudad city

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Why use business coaching in the city of Stoke on Trent?

Business Coach in ciudad city

Business coaching has evolved increasingly fashionable in the city of Stoke on Trent, and for good reason. Let’s explore the primary reasons why employing business coaching can be vital for professionals and businesses:

  • Establishing Goals and Clear Understanding: Business coaching helps individuals and organizations set clear, achievable goals and formulate a roadmap to reach them. Coaches supply valuable insights and strategies to clear up objectives and give priority to actions. By establishing concrete goals, businesses can center their efforts and resources effectively, leading to enhanced productivity and success.
  • Professional Development: Through tailored coaching sessions, professionals can boost their skills, upgrade their leadership abilities, and overcome obstacles that may be obstructing their professional advancement. Business coaching delivers a encouraging setting for self-reflection and growth, inspiring individuals to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. With tailored guidance and actionable feedback from experienced coaches, professionals can unleash their full potential and thrive in their careers.
  • Responsibility: One of the noteworthy beneficial aspects of coaching for businesses is the accountability it provides. Coaches maintain individuals responsible for their actions, guaranteeing they stay focused and motivated to attain their goals. By defining particular targets and consistently evaluating progress, individuals are more probable to stay on track and make meaningful strides towards their objectives. This accountability fosters a sense of obligation and commitment, driving individuals to take forward-thinking steps towards success.
  • Strategic Planning: Business coaches aid in developing plans that align with an individual’s or organization’s targets. They aid identify opportunities, minimize risks, and develop practical plans for success. Through planning sessions, businesses can foresee challenges, take advantage on strengths, and adapt to changing market conditions efficiently. By implementing precisely defined strategies, organizations can situate themselves for long-term growth and sustainability.
  • Customized Support: Every individual and company is distinctive, and corporate coaching offers tailored guidance customized to specific needs and obstacles. Coaches deliver support and motivation, aiding clients unleash their full potential. By understanding the unique conditions and goals of each client, coaches can offer specific advice and solutions that drive meaningful results. This tailored approach fosters a strong client-coach relationship established on trust, collaboration, and mutual respect, leading to transformative outcomes.
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